220727 Roll 01 Italy Sweden 008 By Christian Hogstedt

after cry

00060 130320 008 New By Christian Hogstedt


220617 0010 Staten Island Sky 010 By Christian Hogstedt

seaway hercules

staten island 2022
220224 Roll 01 Rome The Vatican 024 By Christian Hogstedt

jesus 2022

the vatican
160830 Fuji Montauk 268

matilda in stripes and hat

montauk 2016
0040 160325 Charlotte And Florent Christian Hogstedt 137

charlotte and florent

nyc 2016
170213 0020 Oscar De  La Renta Fw17 Backstage Christian Hogstedt 017


new york

blanca padilla backstage at oscar de la renta fw17

161203 0010 Thekeys Christian Hogstedt 045

clouds over the keys

mid air the keys
110123 Justin Varian Chrsitian Hogstedt

justin varian

cape town 2011

some men like two women on their legs

160830 Fuji Rockaway Chrsitian Hogstedt 311

older woman on the go

rockaway 2016

walking is good for getting somewhere and also for taking pictures

160909 0010 Monse Barbra Lee Grant Christian Hogstedt 178

barbra lee-grant

nyc 2016
160627 Cabinbluff Christian Hogstedt 191

climb me

cabin bluff 2016
160627 Bikeman Christian Hogstedt


gramercy park nyc 2016

i have no idea where this dude was heading but it didnt go fast on those small wheels, and also maybe if you go faster you miss the attention. so to all of you, get smaller wheels.

160802 0100 Fuji Urbancowboy Christian Hogstedt 001

urban cowboy

nyc 2016

for a moment i thought i was passing by a wim wenders movie set

160627 Fuji Cabin Bluff 351

matilda went on vacation

cabin bluff georgia usa 2016
160212 Poppy Okotcha Chrsitian Hogstedt

poppy okotcha

nyc 2016

marilyn agency nyc

140829 Christian Hogstedt Mg 7830

us open

nyc 2014
160322 Gosees Wilhelmina Dasha Christian Hogstedt 053


nyc 2016
140513 Christian Hogstedt Mg 5387

when we went and saw the mets beat the yankees

bronx 2014
100803 Greyhound Christian Hogstedt Mg 1695

greyhound racing is awesome

västerås 2010
071101 Christian Hogstedt Mali 4

when i was working for mikael jansson we went to mali for an american vogue shoot with liya kebede. we traveled with jeep's four 5 days from bamako thru mali to the desert blues festival outside timbuktu.

mali 2007
160322 Gosees Wilhelmina Nicoletta Christian Hogstedt 212

nicoletta @wilhelmina

nyc 2016
140412 Coney Island Christian Hogstedt R005702

wonder wheel

coney island 2014
131001 Andreas  Svensexa Chrsitian Hogstedt R000767

andreas bachelor kidnapping

stockholm 2013
131112 La Christian Hogstedt R003034


la 2013
150114 Skateboard Chrsitian Hogstedt 002


nyc 2015
2011 Ben Christian Hogstedt


chrysler building nyc 2011

ben is my very good friend and he is a great driver

160130 Architecture Christian Hogstedt 181


nyc 2016
160322 Gosees Wilhelmina Victoria Christian Hogstedt 068


nyc 2016
160322 Gosees Wilhelmina Huan Chrsitian Hogstedt 045


nyc 2016
0030 140714 046


nyc 2014

sometimes i shoot flowers.


my family, aka Love!

stockholm 2016

to start off my blog, here's my loves. everything i do i do for them. family first, blog second. i hope with this blog i can showcase something more then just my actual working portfolio, i want to show anything that catches my eyes and hopefully give you a broader insight in what i do. enjoy.

best //christian